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Well here we are, another glorious Monday and I am going on a few hours of sleep.

The reason for it being is that I moved to a brand new house and I had to deal with a weird old lady who was staying at the house for one night…long story short, she is my wife’s grandpa’s new girlfriend and she is extremely weird. She even ate my DAMN hashbrowns!

Ok, I am done let’s try to find some nice value for this weird short slate. Before we get started, I just wanted to explain how these short slate write-ups are going to be. With the slate being small I am just going to write about my favorite value pitcher of the slate and maybe my favorite stack. The bigger slates you will get the two pitchers that I like and a few more thoughts as well.

Anyways, let’s finally talk about this slate.

Ryan Yarbough vs Baltimore ($6,500)

Now, this can be a risky play due to the fact that he could go anywhere from 3 innings to 5 innings. I don’t think he is in play on FD due to the fact that he can’t get the bonus because he is not starting. Sadly, with this slate you are going to have to take the risk and hope that he will at least go 5 innings to qualify for the win on DK. Now let’s look at the numbers and see what we can come up with.

Baltimore vs LHP on the road

K %- 23.75 (13th)

AVG-.232 (22nd)

OBP-.292 (25th)

ISO- .148 (21st)

wOBA – .387 (24th)

As you can see, Baltimore really just sucks. I am sure you are going to read that in my articles a ton and that is alright. Baltimore is trying with the $2 tickets, but I still wouldn’t want to go see such a bad team play (Sorry Baltimore).

Regardless I can see Yarbough getting the 5 innings we need today and I will tell you why. I can see Tampa getting a nice lead and just cruising through this game, in which would allow the Rays to save the bullpen arms for the rest of the series (Seems logical right?). As I am writing the article I am still not sure who is starting for Baltimore, but honestly it doesn’t matter.

Yarbough should be fine in cash and GPP’s.

Favorite hitting stack- Padres (Shark sucks and Padres are hitting! I am going back here with a few players Tatis, Machado and Reyes)

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Good luck!

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