Snoop’s NBA “2-3 Zone” – 2/17/21

We roll into hump day with a massive 10 game slate despite having a few cancelations already. We have not had to deal with this in a while, so hopefully we don’t go back to the trend we seen a few weeks ago. A few game totals that stick out are the Portland Trailblazers versus […]

Snoop’s NBA “2-3 Zone” – 2/15/21

We kick off the week with a nice sized seven game slate and like always, there is a lot of injury news we need to monitor. Lock for Monday is at the normal 6:00 CT time with three games tipping off within a half hour followed by one 8:00 PM start and three 9:00 tips […]

Snoop’s NBA “2-3 Zone” – 2/10/21

As we hit the midway point of the week, Wednesday night gives a healthy nine game slate beginning at the normal 6:00 CT start time. We are starting to get some good data to look at trends, we don’t really have to look too hard to see that Washington or Brooklyn have any interest or […]

“Lighting the Lamp” – NHL Picks – 2/5/21

Nearly every time I hear the word “Friday”, one of two things happen. I either get that stupid “It’s Friday” song by that talentless teenage gasbag Rebecca Black (possibly the most annoying song ever) or I think of Katt Williams as Money Mike from Friday After Next. OK, I’m done. We have a perfectly sized […]

Snoop’s NBA “2-3 Zone” – 2/4/21

Thursday features five games in which four teams are playing on the second half of their back-to-back and one on the front end. Lock time is a half hour later today at 6:30 CT and wrapped up with a standalone 9:00 CT game with the Denver Nuggets facing the Los Angeles Lakers. The two games […]

Snoop’s NBA “2-3 Zone” – 2/3/21

As we roll into hump day, Wednesday brings us another 10-game slate with four teams on the second game of their back to back. We will have to monitor some rest candidates in Russell Westbrook, Kawhi Leonard and Paul George. The game totals are not anywhere close to what we seen yesterday, but eight of […]

Snoop’s NBA “2-3 Zone” – 2/2/21

Well, last night was a wacky night. Between the massive blowouts and the postponement on the stand along late game, luck had to be on your side if you made some cash yesterday. Luckily, everyone was playing with house money as DraftKings, FanDuel and SuperDraft refunded all players their net losses. Kudos to them! As […]

Snoop’s NBA “2-3 Zone” – 2/1/21

Monday brings us one of the odder slate of the season so far. Lock time is at 6:30 CT, a half our later than normal, and all of the 10-games tip off within an hour and a half of each other with the Detroit Pistons and Denver Nuggets matchup wrapping up the slate at 8:00 […]

Snoop’s NBA “2-3 Zone” – 1/27/21

As the NBA has really staggered a small number of games one day and a large amount the next, we are on the larger end today as we get to sift through 12 games tonight. We still have some teams being impacted by health protocols, most notably the Miami Head and the Washington Wizards, and […]

Snoop’s NBA “2-3 Zone” – 1/25/21

We are back in action on Monday with a sizable 10 game slate to kick off the week. We have some good storylines as LeBron James heads back to Cleveland to take on the Cavilers while the Brooklyn Nets big three are also in action tonight. Our highest game total on the night is with […]