Snoop’s NBA “2-3 Zone” – 1/20/21

After a small two game slate yesterday, Wednesday presents us with a massive 10 game slate before we revert back to a small slate again tomorrow. Six of the ten games take place within an hour of lock, followed by four late games. All of the early games have game totals around the 220 mark […]

Snoop’s NBA “2-3 Zone” – 1/18/21

As we kick off a new week, we have games and slates scattered throughout today for Martin Luther King Jr. day, with the main slate being four games beginning at 6:30 CT. One of the first two games on the slate features a powerhouse matchup with the Milwaukee Bucks traveling to face the Brooklyn Nets […]

Snoop’s NBA “2-3 Zone” – 1/15/21

Friday brings us a nice eight game slate, two down from where it started the week as the Washington Wizards and Detroit Pistons along with the Golden Stat Warriors and Phoenix Suns games have been postponed. We still have numerous teams on this slate dealing with health protocol issues and injuries, but pricing has been […]

Snoop’s NBA “2-3 Zone” – 1/13/21

As what started at a 10-game Wednesday slate to begin the week, we are now down to eight games due to the cancelations of the Washington Wizards versus the Utah Jazz and Orlando Magic versus the Boston Celtics games. It seems like the rest should be good to play tonight, but again we have multiple […]

Snoop’s NBA “2-3 Zone” – 1/12/21

As if it seems that the NBA season is hanging on by a thread, we already have one game postponed and another game extremely short handed tonight. For those of you that play on FanDuel, you won’t have to worry about the Miami Heat and Philadelphia 76ers game as it is not included on the […]

Snoop’s NBA “2-3 Zone” – 1/11/21

If you did not happen to play NBA DFS this weekend, you might have saved yourself a huge headache. Along with injuries, heath protocol issues are running rampant throughout the league and we have already seen one game canceled. Moving on to Monday, it looks to be much of the same. Of the 16 teams […]

Snoop’s NBA “2-3 Zone” – 1/8/21

Friday is already shaping up to be, well normal I guess. Doubling the games from last night, we have 10 games on this Friday slate. We already have the Boston Celtics dealing with COVID issues and Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant are out again for the Brooklyn Nets. We will also be looking for injury […]

Snoop’s NBA “2-3 Zone” – 1/7/21

After a huge slate last night, we are back to an interesting five game slate on Thursday. I cannot remember the last time, if ever, we had a slate with start times like this one. The Philadelphia 76ers and Brooklyn Nets kick off the slate at 6:30 CT followed by the Cleveland Cavilers and Memphis […]

Snoop’s NBA “2-3 Zone” – 1/6/21

We had our first pre-lock panic yesterday as the Brooklyn Nets surprised everyone with their starting lineup and then the Los Angeles Clippers followed up later in the night with Paul George scratched after lock. Both situations opened up some value and if you had enough money or roster spots to get to Kawhi Leonard, […]

Snoop’s NBA “2-3 Zone” – 1/5/21

We finally got our blow up game from Luka Doncic as returned from injury and torched the Houston Rockets for 72 DraftKings fantasy points and 60.7 FanDuel FP. Another interesting observation is that seven of the nine games were decided by 10 points or more. Value was hit and miss yesterday. Payton Pritchard and Kelly […]