2020 NASCAR DFS Preview – Chip Gnassi Racing

Kyle Larson
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Over the past few weeks, we’ve started to break down the season. We’ve finally started to get into the more relevant teams for fantasy. Here is a look at what we’ve done thus far:

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Today, we are going to break down the two car Chip Gnassi team, featuring two drivers in Kurt Busch and Kyle Larson that should be considered playoff contenders and perhaps even more.

This team got to victory circle in 2019, and Kurt Busch specifically was the most valuable driver to start the season, as he was priced too cheap and continued to give us poor qualifying efforts and top 5 finishes.

How will the 2020 season be for them? Let’s take a look now!

Kurt Busch – #1 Chip Gnassi Racing Chevy

Average finishes since February 2018:

Short Track: 10.58

1 Mile: 11.8

1.5 Mile: 12.33

2 Mile: 9

2.5 Mile: 17

Restrictor Plate: 18.5

Road Course: 10.5

Kurt Busch was so under priced coming into 2019 and was basically an auto play for the first two months, qualifying poorly and then finishing in the top 10 with great routine. Eventually, that leveled a bit and his price came up in a big way, and so did his qualifying position. Obviously, it was never going to last forever, but it was nice while it lasted.

There is really nothing that should change this year. He is still one of the better drivers in the series, but there are certainly upside concerns. He is not one of those guys you are going to see leading races as much as the Harvick’s and Truex’s of the series.

His value is going to made basically on price and qualifying position. He will be very chalky in those situations, but he really doesn’t fall into a situation where he is likely to be a dominator on too many occasions, but it is more likely that his price will be at a point where he will need to be a dominator in order to pay off.

Otherwise, he is a guy who should end with a lot of top 10’s, but maybe not a ton more than that.

Kyle Larson – #42 Chip Gnassi Racing Chevy

Average finishes since February 2018:

Short Track: 13.83

1 Mile: 10.2

1.5 Mile: 11.75

2 Mile: 12.67

2.5 Mile: 17.17

Restrictor Plate: 23.63

Road Course: 12.67

While Kurt’s numbers mostly look better, if we really talked about which one we are more excited about playing, it’s definitely Kyle Larson.

Win equity?


Dominator potential?


The reality, though, is that over 18 months Kurt actually does have more wins. I think we’d agree that is far more of under performance by Larson than it is Kurt racking up a ton of wins.

Let me say this: Larson is my pick to win the title this year.

I am not going to approach his breakdown with bias though, but I will say that as 2019 moved along, this team looked good. They looked like they were getting it.

The first half of the season was accidents and things somewhat out of their control. I can’t fault a team for that nor will I use it as their baseline. I expect to see flashes of dominance from Larson in 2020. I expect multiple wins and I expect him to be there in the end.

That wraps things up for this week. Make sure to look for more articles and podcasts on the 2020 NASCAR season.

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