Michael Matthews; bellmar21

Michael has been active in DFS since 2016. Starting out on Fan Duel, he started by playing very small stakes MLB contests. After a ton of trial and error (mostly error) he found his niche in NHL DFS, which is very strange since hockey is played by next to nobody in his home state of Texas.

Coupling various research techniques with the discipline learned earning a JD from Baylor University School of Law, he was able to grind his way up to some entries in the 2017 Draft Kings Spin-O-Rama where he scored a six figure payday. From there he never looked back, and has racked up multiple five figure wins in NHL, MLB and Soccer, and countless four figure paydays in everything from MMA to eSports.

On a personal note, he spent 14 years as an Assistant District Attorney, but now spends his day hanging out with his family, watching his son play baseball and writing NHL and MLB content for DFSHQ.